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Women's Studies Caucus

In 1993, a group of scholars founded the AAIS Women’s Studies Caucus with the intention of creating a venue to analyze and discuss Italian women’s writings in light of international feminist theory and trends in women’s writings. Since then, the Caucus has organized sessions at the annual conference of the American Association of Italian Studies to celebrate the achievements of women in all fields, and assess the status of women in Academia as well as in contemporary Italy. The Caucus is committed to support young scholars through a mentoring program. Every year, the Caucus hosts a distinguished guest speaker. Past speakers include Laura Benedetti, Dacia Maraini, Angela Binanchini, Emilia Serogni, Gabriella Ghermandi, Martha King, and Adalgisa Giorgio.

Past presidents include Cosetta Seno, Emanuela Zanotti Carney, Chiara Fabbian, Cristina Gragnani, Ombretta Frau, Angela Jeannet, Stefania Lucamante, Giovanna Bellesia, Paola Malpezzi Price, Giovanna Miceli Jeffries and Irene Marchegiani.

General Contact Information

Juliet Guzzetta, President
Michigan State University


Anna Marra, Secretary

University of New Hampshire




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