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Forum italicum: List of Books Received, Dec. 2017

  • 12 Dec 2017 3:02 PM
    Message # 5625696

    Dear Friends and Colleagues,

    We invite reviews for the following books submitted to Forum Italicum (see enclosed list, infra). If you decide to review any of the following books, please address your request to

    Include in the request your name and mailing address, your institutional affiliation or, alternatively, a one-page CV. Books are mailed on a first come/first serve basis. You can list a few choices. 

    Reviews are due four months after the reception of the book. If you decide against reviewing a book, it will be your responsibility to return it as soon as possible to Forum Italicum, c/o Center for Italian Studies, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY, 11794-3358 USA. 

    All submissions should be sent as an electronic attachment in Word format to Review submissions must be both informative and evaluative,  between 800 and 1100 words in length. All reviews must begin with the following heading:

    Author of the book, Title of the book. Publisher: Place of publication, Year of Publication; Number of pp.: ISBN, Price. 

    On next line:  Reviewed by Name of the Reviewer, Academic Affiliation, Nation.

     (As in the following example: Alison Cornish, Vernacular Translation in Dante’s Italy : Illiterate Literature.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011; 274 pp.; 9781107001138, $97.00. 

    Reviewed by:  Federica Anichini, The College of New Jersey, USA.)

    December 2017

    Amato, Joseph A., Diagnostics. Poetics of Time, New York: Bordighera, 2017; 126 pp.: 9781599541174, $12.00 USD.

    Ardizzone, Maria Luisa, Reading as the Angels Read, Speculation and Politics in Dante’s Banquet, Toronto, Canada: University of Toronto Press, 2016; 453 pp.: 9781442637061, USD $95.00.

    Armstrong, Lawrin and Julius Kirshner, Eds. The Politics of Law in late Medieval and Renaissance Italy, Toronto, Canada: University of Toronto Press, 2016; 229 pp.: 9781487521516, USD $59.00.

    Ballarini, Marco e Paolo Bartesaghi, a cura di, Biografie ottocentesche di Giuseppe Parini, Pisa – Roma, Italy: Fabrizio Serra Editore, 2017; 538 pp.: 9788862278973, €118,75.

    Barbara, Rossana Fenu, Dante’s Tears, The Poetics of Weeping from Vita Nuova to the Commedia, Firenze, Italy: Leo S. Olschki Editore, 2017; 204 pp.: 9788822264067, € 34,00.

    Barnes, John C. and Daragh O’Connell, Dante and the Seven Sins, Portland, OR: Four Courts Press, 2017; 359 pp.: 9781846824197, USD $70.00. 

    Barone, Dennis, Second Thoughts, New York: Bordighera, 2017; 67 pp.: 9781599541143, $10.00 USD.

    Bartesaghi, Paolo e Pietro Frassica, a cura di, Giuseppe Parini, Soggetti per artisti, Pisa – Roma, Italy: Fabrizio Serra Editore, 2016; 199 pp.: 9788862278416, €78,00.

    Bezzola, Reto R., Studi danteschi, a.c. di Martina Albertini e Johannes Bartuschat, Locarno: Pro Grigioni Italiano, 2016; 176 pp.: 9788882814243, € 16,50.

    Biagini, Enza, Paolo Orvieto, Sandro Piazzesi, a cura di, Francesco De Sanctis, 1817-2017, Pisa – Roma, Italy: Fabrizio Serra Editore, 2017; 382 pp.: 9788862279338, €120,00.

    Bonsaver, Guido, Brian Richardson and Giuseppe Stellardi, Cultural Reception, Translation and Transformation from Medieval to Modern Italy. Essays in Honour of Martin McLaughlin, Legenda: Oxford, UK, 2016; 443 pp.: 9781781884690, USD $99.00.

    Centenari, Margherita, a.c. di, Giacomo Leopardi, Inno a Nettuno Odae adespotae, 1816-1817, Venice, Italy: Marsilio Editori, 2016; 285 pp.: 9788831724654, €26,00.

    Chatfield, Mary P., Giovanni Marrasio, Angelinetum and other Poems, The I Tatti Renaissance Library, Cambridge, Ma: Harvard University Press, 2016; 291 pp.: 9780674545021, USD $29.95.

    Comparini, Alberto, La poetica dei Dialoghi con Leuco’ di Cesare Pavese, Milano-Udine: Mimesis, 2017; 224 pp.: 9788857533377, € 20,00.

    Cossar, Roisin, Clerical Households in Late Medieval Italy, Harvard University Press: Cambridge, MA, 2017; 240 pp.: 9780674971899, USD $49.95.

    Di Martino, Loredana and Pasquale Verdicchio, Eds. Encounters with the Real in Contemporary Italian Literature and Cinema, Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 2017; 255 pp.: 9781443811231, £57.99.

    Farnetti, Paolo Bertella and Cecilia Dau Novelli, Images of Colonialism and Decolonialisation in the Italian Media, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017; 264 pp.: 9781527500259, £61.99.

    Ferrari, Chiara, Olimpia Pelosi and Dino S. Cervigni, Violence Resistance Tolerance Sacrifice in Italy’s Literary and Cultural History, Annali D’Italianistica, Vol. 35, 2017.

    Francesco Petrarca, Selected Letters, Volume I, translated by Elaine Fantham, The I Tatti Renaissance Library, Cambridge, Ma: Harvard University Press, 2017; 747 pp.: 9780674058347, USD $29.95.

    Francesco Petrarca, Selected Letters, Volume II, translated by Elaine Fantham, The I Tatti Renaissance Library, Cambridge, Ma: Harvard University Press, 2017; 747 pp.: 9780674971622, USD $29.95.

    Fusaro, Edwige Comoy, Poliorama. Le immagini di Carlo Dossi, Nice, France: Cheminsit@liques, 2016, ; 392 pp.: 9782313005378, € 36,00.

    Garrido, Elisa Martinez, I romanzi di Elsa Morante, Lugano, Switzerland: Agora & Co, 2016; 237 pp.: 9788897461784, €25,00.

    Grippa, Davide, a cura di, Oltreoceano: Politica e comunicazione tra Italia e Stati Uniti nel Novecento, Firenze, Italy: Leo S. Olschki Editore, 2017; 326 pp.: 9788822265173, € 35,00.

    Jossa, Stefano and Giuliani Pieri, Eds. Chivalry, Academy, and Cultural Dialogues. The Italian Contribution to European Culture, Italian Perspectives 31, Legenda: Oxford, UK, 2016; 261 pp.: 9781781884577, USD $112.63.

    Kennedy, William J., Petrarchism at Work, Contextual Economies in the Age of Shakespeare, Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2016; 352 pp.: 9781501700019, USD $55.00.

    Lombardo, Stanley, translator. Dante, Purgatorio. Introduction by Claire E. Honessa nd Matthew Treherne, Notes and Headnotes by Ruth Chester, Indianapolis, IN: Hackett Publishing Company, 2016; 472 pp.: 9781624664915, USD $20.00.

    Lombardo, Stanley, translator. Dante, Paradiso. Introduction, Notes and Headnotes by Alison Cornish, Indianapolis, IN: Hackett Publishing Company, 2017; 555 pp.: 9781624665905, USD $20.00.

    Giannozzo Manetti, Against the Jews and Gentiles, Books I-IV, Edited by Stefano U. Baldassari & Daniela Pagliara, translated by David Marsh, The I Tatti Renaissance Library, Cambridge, Ma: Harvard University Press, 2017; 487 pp.: 9780674974975, USD $29.95.

    Mann, Nicholas, Edited and Translated by, Francesco Petrarca, My Secret Book, The I Tatti Renaissance Library, Cambridge, Ma: Harvard University Press, 2016; 283 pp.: 9780674003460, USD $29.95.

    Mansoor, Jaleh, Marshall Plan Modernism. Italian Postwar Abstraction and the Beginnings of Autonomia, Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2016; 288 pp.: 9780822362609, USD $25.95.

    Mirabile, Andrea, Piaceri invisibili, Retorica della cecita’ in D’Annunzio, Pasolini, Calvino, Rome: Carocci Editore, 2017; 155 pp.: 9788843084883, € 16,00.

    Pickering-Iazzi, Robin, The Italian Antimafia, New Media, and the Culture of Legality, Ontario, Canada: University of Toronto Press, 2017; 205 pp.: 9781487520786, USD $32.95.

    Raimondi, Andrea, The Many Voices of Contemporary Piedmontese Writers, Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 2016; 212 pp.: 9781443899642, USD $105.95.

    Salvetti, Patrizia, Rope and Soap. Lynchings of Italians in the United States, New York: Bordighera, 2017; 212 pp.: 9781599541013, $18 USD.

    Santagata, Marco, Dante, The Story of his Life, Harvard University Press: Cambridge, MA, 2016; 485 pp.: 9780674504868, USD $35.00.

    Selmi, Elisabetta, Enrico Zucchi, ed., Allegoria e teatro tra Cinque e Settecento: da principio compositivo a strumento esegetico, Bologna, Italy: Casa editrice Emil di Odoya, 2016; 360 pp.: 9788866801696, €30,00.

    Simone, Tom, Translated by, Dante, Paradiso, Indianapolis, IN: Hackett Publishing, 2017; 285 pp.: 9781585108589, USD $17.95.

    Smail, Daniel Lord, Legal Plunder, Households and Debt Collection in Late Medieval Europe, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2016; 344 pp.: 9780674737280, USD $39.95.

    Schwartz, Barth David, Pasolini Requiem, Second Edition, Chicago, Il: University of Chicago Press, 2017; 712 pp.: 9780226335025, USD $31.98.

    Verdicchio, Massimo, Benedetto Croce, A Croce Reader, Aesthetics, Philosophy, History, and Literary Criticism, Ontario, Canada: University of Toronto Press, 2017; 93 pp.: 9781442611429, USD $24.95.

    Verene, Donald Phillip, Vico’s New Science, A Philosophical Commentary, Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2016; 312 pp.: 9781501700163, USD $59.95.

    Vitti, Antonio and Anthony Julian Tamburri, The Mediterranean. Dreamed and Lived by Insiders and Outsiders, New York: Bordighera, 2017; 255 pp.: 9781599541150, $28 USD.

    Giuseppe Gazzola

    Associate Professor, 
    Coordinator of the Italian Program, 
    Department of European Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, 
    Humanities 2123
    Stony Brook University
    Stony Brook, NY 11794-5359, USA



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