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Queer Studies Caucus - Mission Statement

The decision to change the caucus name from Gay and Lesbian Italian Studies to the Queer Studies Caucus is one that reflects both a desire to broaden the understanding of gender and sexuality to include those people who may exist outside of, or be interested in the boundaries delimited by terms like “gay”, “lesbian”, “bisexual”, and “transgender” and to encourage alternative or queer readings of what have otherwise been considered dominant discourses. The Caucus will promote an intersectional approach to the discussion of queer and gender issues within Italian studies using feminist, literary, cultural, philosophical and political approaches. Therefore, the QSC should be considered an entirely interdisciplinary caucus, joining in events and plenaries with other caucuses but still its own entity within the AAIS. The main goal of the QSC is to create an environment which will facilitate coordination and communication among its members including, but not limited to, the following themes in academia and Italian culture-at-large:

    • Queer scholarly practices, politics, identities, and theories
    • Eros, desire, body politic(s) and counterpublic(s)
    • Queer/gender representation throughout Italian history and culture
    • LGBTQ cinema and literature
    • Queer readings of sociocultural and literary movements

The principal authors of the Queer Studies Caucus mission statement are Ayana Smythe and Julia Heim with support from Clarissa Clò and Eugenio Giusti.

The Queer Studies Caucus invites all postgraduate students, professors, independent scholars, adjuncts, and members of other caucuses to participate in the QSC business meeting as well as the roundtable: “The Future of Queer Studies within the AAIS” both tentatively scheduled between 11-14 April 2013 at the University of Oregon. Participants are strongly encouraged regardless of orientation, academic or otherwise.

President and Secretary
The President and Secretary for the present term of the Queer Studies Caucus are Ayana Smythe and Julia Heim, respectively. The Secretary should be elected every three years, after which point she or he is to replace the incumbent President. In the event that the Secretary is unable to become President, an election will be held to fill the position. No member can serve for more than six consecutive years.

Caucus fees are to be mailed to the AAIS Secretary every year, along with the general AAIS fee. For faculty, the fee is US$10, for graduate students and other members US$5. For more information, see the AAIS Membership page.



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