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The racial violence and pandemic of the past few months have shone a light on some of the hardships the most precarious among us experience regularly. The undersigned members of the AAIS Queer Studies Caucus' organizing committee and advisory board condemn the killing of George Floyd by a white policeman in Minneapolis and feel the need to speak against the violence inflicted on a daily basis against black life. We call on our scholarly community to recognize the institutionalized systems of oppression, harassment and social exclusion targeting some of the most disenfranchised people in this country, as well as the way in which the discipline of Italian Studies might, however inadvertently, collude in such disenfranchisement. We also ask our AAIS leadership to take concrete steps to fight the white supremacy, xenophobia and ethnonationalism, both in our discipline and beyond, that we feel threatens even our community of Italianists and Italian American scholars.

John G. Champagne, Advisory Board

Sergio Rigoletto, Advisory Board 

Matthew Zundel, Advisory Board 

Silvia Antosa, Organizing Committee

Michela Baldo, Organizing Committee

Alessio Ponzio, Organizing Committee 

Giulia Sbaffi, Organizing Committee 


Queer Studies Caucus

The Queer Studies Caucus of the American Association for Italian Studies (AAIS) is dedicated to the study, practice, and politics of queerness that includes, but is not limited to queer and gender non-conforming sexualities, cultures, scholarship, embodiment, and activism in relation to Italy as well as other related and transnational contexts.

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General inquiries for the caucus can be made to:

Organizing committee  (2023–2026):

Silvia Antosa, (

Michela Baldo, (

Alessio Ponzio, (

Giulia Sbaffi, (

Organizing committee  (2019–2022):

John Champagne, Professor of English,  Penn State Behrend (

Sergio Rigoletto, Associate Professor of Italian and Cinema Studies, University of Oregon (

Matthew Zundel, PhD Candidate, Italian Studies, NYU (

Advisory Committee (2019–2022)

Sole Anatrone, Assistant Professor of Italian, Vassar College (



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