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The goal of the Critical Race Studies Caucus—an initiative borne of the AAIS Task Force on Anti-Racism, Equity, and Diversity, established in summer 2020—is to bring together scholars, artists, and activists whose research, pedagogy, and/or activities interrogate the cultural, social, theoretical, and political constructions of race. The group is committed to promoting and developing cross-disciplinary critical tools that will allow educators and researchers alike to examine manifestations of race and racism in literature, art, media, music, film, and philosophy. In seeking to bridge the theoretical and historical examples of racism and the racialized constructions of identity within and beyond Italy, the group encourages intersectional approaches to contextualizing discourses about critical race theory within the broader fields of identity politics, gender and sexuality, economics and political science, the environmental humanities, media studies, and disability studies. 

The caucus stands in firm solidarity with the commitments to anti-racism and social justice expressed by the AAIS Executive Committee in the general letter addressed to the Association, dated June 7, 2020. 

Michela Ardizzoni, Kate Driscoll, Carmela Scala. 



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