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Please read the following statements regarding the purpose and rules of our forums. By posting in our forums, you agree to abide by these rules and guidelines.

Forum Purpose
The purpose of the AAIS forums is to help Italianists around the world support one another in their professional tasks. Contributors may place queries on the Research Queries forum on matters involving Italian and Italian Studies, such as bibliographical items, scholarly background information, difficult constructions, and issues of translation and interpretation. Appropriate topics for the CFPs forum are announcements of conferences, symposia, and events related to Italian and Italian Studies. Please place postings of academic positions in Italian and Italian Studies on the Job Postings Forum, and books announcements should be placed on the Publication Announcements Forum. Please do not post information regarding summer programs and language programs and advertisements promoting commercial enterprises on the Forums. The AAIS Forums are not the appropriate venue for amateur inquiries about Italian and Italian Studies or for discussion of contemporary religious and political concerns. The framework for discussion on the forums is academic, non-religious, and non-political.

Forum Rules

1. Respect our focus.
Keep to the focus: Italian and Italian Studies (and closely related materials). Occasional excursions into related areas are acceptable to the extent that they shed light on our common quest. Political agendas, commercial advertisements, personal experiences or messages are inappropriate and therefore will be deleted by the moderator.

2. Respect others.
Observe common courtesy, scholarly collegiality, and forum etiquette at all times. All comments that reflect negatively on other groups or individuals (including negative references to another’s competence) are unacceptable.

3. Respect the moderator(s).
When necessary the AAIS executive committee may need to moderate discussion in keeping with guidelines posted above. Please respect their decision.

4. Give each post a useful subject header.
Each subject header should indicate the subject of the message.

5. Participate with restraint.
You are in a forum with thousands of other informed participants. Participate when you can make a useful contribution and do not dominate the conversation, and avoid chatter and clutter. Messages should be considered and concise. Do not post messages with attachments; either convert the attachment to plain text or offer to send it to individuals who request it.



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AAIS 2023 - CFPs Post here calls for papers related to AAIS 2023 Conference.
31 May 2023 9:51 AM Annachiara Mariani
AAIS 2023 - Room sharing & other logistics Looking to share a room with another conference attendee? Use this space to post your requests. DO NOT POST PERSONAL CONTACTS. Use member's directory (top menu - under membership) to message members directly after seeing their requests. You must be registered for the 2023 conference to post.
19 Apr 2023 11:58 AM Valeria Federici (Administrator)
24 May 2023 10:16 AM Ombretta Frau
30 May 2023 11:42 AM Lauren Surovi
Other CFPs Post calls for papers, abstracts, articles, and other submissions here, as well as information about conferences, symposia, etc. related to Italian and Italian studies.
4 Jun 2023 9:44 AM Brandon Essary
12 May 2023 4:47 PM Andrea Ciccarelli
23 Nov 2022 7:33 AM Kate Driscoll

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