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AAIS 2021 Roundtable on Italian Graduate Studies: Survey

  • 6 May 2021 9:42 AM
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    Dear colleagues,

    On Saturday, May 29 (4-5:15pm EST), Brian DeGrazia (MLA) and Lina Insana (U of Pittsburgh) will convene the AAIS roundtable "Are we there yet?: the 'next generation' of Italian Graduate Studies." The roundtable will feature interventions by Brian DeGrazia (MLA), Diana Garvin (U of Oregon), Giulia Riccò (U of Michigan), Massimo Riva (Brown U), and Silvia Valisa (Florida State U) before moving to a more general conversation.

    In advance of the roundtable, we're inviting all AAIS members to tell us your thoughts and questions on the topic of Italian Graduate Studies: how do graduate programs in Italian Studies need to change in order to adapt to the current higher ed environment? How might Italian Studies be uniquely positioned to make these changes? What are our challenges? What are our opportunities? What kinds of meaningful changes are possible, given our institutional and disciplinary contexts? What kinds of changes are already happening in graduate education--in graduate coursework; dissertation research and the shape of its products; graduate curricula; and disciplinary expectations?

    Please let us know your thoughts (whether you're able to attend the roundtable or not) by completing this very brief (and anonymous, if you choose) survey (URL:

    Thank you for your engagement with these questions and we hope you can join us for the conversation on May 29. 


    Lina Insana and Brian DeGrazia



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