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April 28, 2021: "Translation and the Lived Geographies of the Black Mediterranean," Prof. Camilla Hawthorne (UC Santa Cruz)

  • 12 Apr 2021 11:20 AM
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    On behalf of the Program in Italian Studies and the Department of French and Italian at UC Santa Barbara, please join us via Zoom for an invited talk by Prof. Camilla Hawthorne (UC Santa Cruz). We hope to see you there!

    April 28th, Wednesday, 12-1PM
    Talk: “Translation and the Lived Geographies of the Black Mediterranean”
    Prof. Camilla Hawthorne (UC Santa Cruz)

    Please register here:

    A new generation of Black activists is currently seeking to assert itself, gain national visibility, combat Italian racism, and acquire legitimacy as Italians by birth who are also Black. Their efforts in turn raise challenging questions about the promises, limitations, and contradictions of national citizenship. How can Black Italians mobilize for citizenship when the Italian nation-state is a thoroughly racial formation? Where does global Black diasporic solidarity intersect with the politics of local or national belonging in Italy? Can Black Italians enact forms of Blackness that resist an all-too-easy incorporation into race-blind Italian Mediterraneanisms? In this talk, I focus on a set of productive tensions: the tension Black Italians encounter as they articulate the specificities of Black subjectivity (and anti-Black racism) in Italy in relation to 1) the myth of a supposedly “colorblind” Mediterranean Italy on the one hand; and 2) the overwhelming dominance of Black Atlantic geographies and North American understandings of race in conversations about Blackness on the other hand.

    Bio: Camilla Hawthorne is Assistant Professor of Sociology at UC Santa Cruz. She is a principal faculty member in the UCSC Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Program, and a faculty affiliate of the UCSC Science & Justice Research Center and Legal Studies Program. Camilla serves as Chair of the Black Geographies Specialty Group of the American Association of Geographers, and is a project manager and faculty member for the Black Europe Summer School in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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