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Upcoming Conference

14-17 June 2018
Sant’Anna Institute, Sorrento Italy

The American Association for Italian Studies is now accepting session and roundtable proposals for our next conference, which will take place from 14-17 June 2018 at the Sant’Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy. In keeping with the mission of the AAIS, conference organizers invite members to organize sessions and roundtables that approach Italian Studies through interdisciplinary lenses and represent a wide range of interests and time periods. We encourage participation from colleagues working in, for example, African and African American studies, anthropology, art, architecture, classics, comparative studies, environmental studies, film and media, geography, history, music, queer studies, theater, women’s, feminist, and gender studies, and more. Please consult Conference Guidelines for complete norms for organizers, chairs, and speakers.

Please be advised that due to capacity limits at the Sant’Anna Institute the following guidelines will be strictly enforced:

  • In order to organize a session or roundtable, you must be a member in good standing of the AAIS. Non-members may not organize sessions.
  • Sessions and roundtables with fewer than three speakers or participants will not be accepted.
  • In proposing sessions and roundtables, please include no more than two individuals from any single institution.
  • Graduate students are encouraged to submit proposals ONLY if they are ABD and have already embarked on the writing of their dissertations. They are asked to submit to session organizers a brief statement form their advisor affirming their ABD status.
  • All participants in a session or roundtable must be AAIS members by February 15, 2018. Sessions including non-members will not be included in the program.

Please follow us here:

Twitter: @AAIS_Official
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AAISOfficial/
Conference website: (includes Norms for Organizers/Chairs/Speakers, Proposed Sessions, Lodging Information): https://aais.wildapricot.org/conference_guidelines 
Email: conference.aais@gmail.com
Sant’Anna Institute: www.santannainstitute.com 


December 1, 2017: Call for sessions and roundtables must be sent to: conference.aais@gmail.com. Completed sessions and roundtables may also be sent at this time.

December 30, 2017: Proposals due to Session and Roundtable Organizers to include title, brief abstract (150-200 words), and short biographical blurb.

January 15, 2017: Completed sessions and roundtables submitted to: conference.aais@gmail.com

Please use the following for each proposed session or roundtable:

100-word maximum description of session or roundtable (descriptions over 100 words will be returned for editing)
Organizer, Affiliation, Email address


Please include the following information for each completed session or roundtable:

Organizer: Name, Affiliation, email address
Chair (if different from Organizer): Name, Affiliation
Name, Affiliation, Title of presentation in quotation marks for each session participant
Name, Affiliation for each roundtable participant

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In 2011, the AAIS annual conference was held at the University of Pittsburgh, from April 7-10.

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