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CFP AATI/IASA Joint Conference May 2022

  • 11 Oct 2021 12:56 AM
    Message # 11299270

    Dear colleagues,

    With apologies for cross-posting. Please, consider submitting an abstract for the next AATI/IASA Joint Conference in Lucca from May 25-29, 2022.

    Warm regards,

    Chiara & Daniela

    Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century Adaptations of Medieval and Early Modern Literature

    Linda Hutcheon defines adaptations as “repetitions but without replication, bringing together the comfort of ritual and recognition with the delight of surprise and novelty” (2014, 173). Adaptations should involve both memory and change, persistence and variation that result in reinventing an identifiable source. Medieval and early modern literary works have long constituted sources of inspiration in a variety of genres in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Theater, cinema, creative writing, dance, graphic design, games and videogames, music, photography, and digital media constitute some of the examples in which works from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance have been adapted. Possible topics could include but are not limited to:

    • The positive application of adaptations in historical and cultural memory;

    • Film, televised, theatrical, musical, artistic, and/or digital adaptations in dialogue with original texts and history;

    • Adaptations as supplementary and not necessarily contradictory to original texts and/or historical facts;

    • Theorizing visual narratives/interpretations of literature and history;

    • Media adaptations as aesthetically rich works in their own rights;

    • Teaching adaptation and adapting teaching of literary texts;

    • Re-examination of scholarly discourses surrounding televisual and literary histories of cultural legitimation;

    • Adaptation, Transmedia Storytelling, and Participatory Culture.

    Please, send a 250-word abstract and a 75-word bio by October 30 to Daniela D’Eugenio at and Annachiara Mariani at



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