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Mission Statement

The American Association for Italian Studies (AAIS) is dedicated to encouraging, supporting, and conducting research and pedagogical activities in Italian culture.

This includes areas such as language, art, music, history, film, literature, folklore, and popular culture, as well as Italy's influence on and interaction with other cultures. Additionally, the AAIS seeks to foster dialogue and innovation amongst members worldwide, and to recognize the needs and experiences of colleagues at all career levels, both within and beyond the university. To that end, the AAIS publishes a scholarly journal, Italian Culture, throughout the year, hosts discussion forums on this website, organizes an annual conference, and awards annual book prizes and graduate student travel awards.

 The AAIS supports the inherently interdisciplinary nature of Italian Studies, and invites members to organize sessions at the annual conference that approach Italian studies through interdisciplinary lenses. The AAIS invites participation from colleagues working in, for example, African and African American studies, anthropology, art, architecture, classics, comparative studies, environmental studies, film and media, geography, history, music, queer studies, theater, women’s, feminist, and gender studies, and more. 

Approved by the Executive Council: 31 May 2017

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