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Doctoral Student Travel Award

The AAIS is pleased to announce a call for applications for travel awards for doctoral students who are ABD and will present their research at the annual AAIS conference at Wake Forest University, March 14-16, 2019. The AAIS will award six travel grants of $500.00 each. 

Please send the following to Valerio Ferme (valerio.ferme@nau.edu) and Dana Renga (renga.1@osu.edu) by February 1, 2019

  • A 250-word abstract of the proposed paper.
  • A brief statement (150 words maximum) describing how the paper is related to the doctoral dissertation.
  • A brief biographical blurb.
  • A letter of acceptance of the papers from the panel/roundtable organizer. 
  • A brief letter of support from the primary dissertation advisor. 

Past Recipients of the Graduate Student Travel Award

Seven Graduate Student Travel Awards were granted for the conference in Sorrento:

    • Felicity Brunner, Universität Zürich
    • Jim Carter, University of Michigan
    • Leyla Livraghi, University of Pisa
    • Dan Paul, The Ohio State University
    • Paolo Saporito, McGill University
    • Angeline Young, Arizona State University
    • Victor Xavier Zarour Zarzar, The Graduate Center, CUNY 

Six Graduate Student Travel Awards were granted for the conference in Columbus:

    • Brian DeGrazia, New York University, “‘Lasciate i parchi pubblici per la gente:’ the founding of the Villa Glori Casa famiglia per malati di AIDS”
    • Barbara Martelli, University of Auckland, New Zealand, “Embodied Critique into Dismembered Bodies: the 1990s Counter-narratives of the Neonoir and Giovani Cannibali Writers”
    • Dalila Missero, Università di Bologna, “Queering the Cinematic Sixties: Anti-Normative Approaches to Sexuality in Italian Cinema”
    • Luca Peretti, Yale University, “Before The Battle of Algiers: The Politics of ENI in North Africa and an Unmade Film on Colonialism”
    • Kevin Regan-Maglione, University of Oregon, “The Homosexual Confinato: Producing Queer Sense of Fascism”
    • Louise Zamparutti, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, “The Foibe as War Narrative: The New Antiheroes of the Second Republic”

    • Lucia Gemmani, Indiana University, Bloomington., “Violenza per esorcizzare la guerra: I giochi nell’Adone di Marino”
    • Anna Wainwright, New York University, “From Garden to Court: The Widowhoods of Ippolita Scaravelli” 
    • Juliano Saccomani, University of Georgia., “Brás, Bexiga e Barra Funda: A Representation of the Integration of Italian Immigrants Into the Population of São Paulo in the Early Twentieth Century”
    • Merry Low, Florida State University, “Sacrificial Violence in Vittoria Colonna’s Rime spirituali
    • Daniela d’Eugenio, CUNY, Graduate Center, ”The Depiction of Naples in Pompeo Sarnelli’s Posilecheata through Images and Language”
    • Sasha Goldman, Boston University, “Building Italy: The Italian Pavilion at the 1937 Paris Exposition Universelle” 



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